Agency pitch management

Fair, objective, and easy comparison of agencies


STARS has experience in carrying out tenders for selection of media agency, advertising agency or PR agency on may European and overseas markets. No other consultancy and audit company in Poland has such experience. Of course, the pitch for media agency, and the selection of an advertising agency are a completely different processes and different is our commitment.


Definitely there is more of our work in a media agency pitch, because it requires far more elements of comparison.

In the case of an advertising agency selection we help not only in the pitch process and the contractual phase, but what is important, we also take very active part in the recommendation of invitees. This is usually done on the basis of a number of direct (and more important current!) conversations with their existing clients.

In case of TV production we run pitches for production house selection and also conduct professional negotiations of production costs aimed at client budget optimisation. We are present at the shoots to verify if reality matches signed contracts and costs, we conduct  post-production audits and we also deliver trainings on TV production topics.

On request we run agency pitches/tenders on any market in the world. 

What we consider to be crucial in the media pitch?

Majority of the media houses usually have a similar level of negotiated media costs and rebates. What makes them really different is strategic thinking and daily customer service. At the pitch we put emphasis on the analysis of strategic proposals, ways of thinking and their way of doing.
Media costs that media agency has negotiated are often differentiated between their clients. Smart and precise comparison, disenchantment of all stars and disclaimers – that’s our job. But this is not enough, because you still need to assure their delivery, while maximizing the probability of the campaign being aired in line with planned parameters.
Equally important as the two previous elements (strategy and costs) is to select the agency it will be pleasure to work with. That is why we encourage our clients to run additional team assessments, in order to choose a partner with whom they will be working seamlessly.

Simple diagram of the pitch 

Bogactwo każdego z kroków

Recommendation of agencies


Assessment of strategic approach

Blind cost comparison

Negotiations of the co-operation terms

Appointing winning agency

Always objective.

We compare costs without knowing their brand origin (blind-test)!