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Robust media inflation data

The real market benchmark

STARS Media Inflation Index (SMII) – our media inflation research


One of the vital parameters for each marketer is media inflation. It helps to control the dynamics of own media cost levels and estimate budgetary needs for future.

Advertisers source media inflation details from their media agencies. These are professional analysis, however based only at the net budgets managed by those single agencies or agency groups (which is rarely more than a dozen or so percent of the overall media market). The dynamics of the remaining (prevailing) part of the market remains unseen.

Media auditing companies do analyze media inflation as well, but even they are limited to the net budgets populated in their Pools.

Therefore for few years now we have been running a systematic monitoring of current and forecasted level of media inflation at our home market. Since we have managed to involve vast majority of media agencies to this project, we are working on the largest sample of the market that includes more than 10 media agencies. Thanks to the data from media agencies and from our Pools, we have an overview of more than 70% of the whole media market. There is no other media inflation research of such scale. For all other markets we evangelise the same way of collecting data, however it is still work in progress, so we use mainly local auditors’ data and WFA reports.

Continuous quarterly data for current year and following year estimate. 

Media inflation for each main medium presented separately (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Cinema, OOH, Online display, Online video).

TV Media inflation additionally broken down by channels / channel groups. 

Unique and largest inflation research in Poland covering vast majority of the market. 

Closed distribution (non-public).

Quarterly reported.