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Marketing mix modeling

Calculate precisely your future sales based on planned marketing investments

We offer our clients a groundbreaking technology that allows them to self-analyze specific marketing activities’ ROIs (including media investments) and to forecast sales in relation to planned future marketing investments.

What can our technology do?


It analyses all marketing activities

The technology analyses impact of any variables (incl. marketing communication channels, competitive activity, etc.) on real sales results and allows for future sales forecasting through marketing activity planning and optimization.

No assumptions – the tool calculates everything on its own

Our software describes reality just on the collected past data. It is able to calculate impact time-lag of each selected variable or carryover effect (decay) of each advertising channel.

Thousands of models per minute

Our technology, as oppose to classical approach to econometric modeling, allows for analyzing hundreds of thousands models in just few minutes, not few models in weeks or months. Our technology is in fact a great saving of those weeks! All saved time can be used for in-depth analysis of results and high quality learnings that can be applied much faster.

Data safety and simple user interface

Technology we offer is a local application. It does not connect to any server or cloud. Clients who have installed it are assured that data is as safe as their own computers. Simple user interface, very logical process and all complicated statistical tests hidden (but still accessible) make this software easy to use even for a fresh marketing or sales manager. At any time though, one can use a full-scope view of all statistics of course.

We are the exclusive partner of ScanmarQED and SAYG.