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Welcome to STARS!
We provide global
media consulting and auditing

We are experts
in media, advertising and marketing effectiveness


Media Auditing

We work on the proven
global audit methodology,
on the largest price Pools in many countries


Your own
media department

We verify media plans, reports, strategies
invoices and settlements of your agency



We run honest pitches
to select media agency or advertising agency
with contractual cost guarantees


Media trainings

From basic to advanced training programs
From TV to online programmatic


and Contractual Auditing

Together with global class financial audit specialists,
we offer contract compliance study and deep financial analysis of your agency's charges and settlements.



in agency collaboration

As the founding member of the only independent consultancy alliance around the world we audit all offline and online media (incl. programmatic private deals and biddable buys), and we independently verify media insertions delivery. We run agency pitches, audit media, processes, agency contracts and media financial reconciliations.


of marketing communication

We lead media in-housing as well as ad tech-stack projects, that allow advertisers to transform their communication activities towards data driven marketing, and that increase agencies’ liability and accountability for their media services delivery.


of comms’ investments

We support of Clients in efficiency analysis of their investments in marketing communication through the use of the world class Marketing Mix Modelling technology, the use of single-source assessment of online activities, and multimedia analyses. 


of media and market

We educate our Clients in media planning and buying as well as advertising production. We deliver all necessary market benchmarks that allow our Clients to build their own marketing communication competences. 

We run projects globally with direct support of our local partners worldwide

We comply with the WFA standards

Since our beginnings, we have been working according to and supporting the stadards created and announced by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). The Founder of STARS had been a member of the WFA for the past few years (also as the Executive Committee Member).

Meet WFA


We are the partner of the leading global consultancy: Ebiquity.

For few years now, we have been a close partner for the largest marketing performance and auditing company in the world, Ebiquity.

Just in our region we service the largest number of clients out of all auditors present in the market (own research dated September 2020, based on Top100 advertisers as per Nielsen Audience Measurements data), that allows us to see the market from the broadest perspective and to have the largest and thus the most robust Pools and databases.

Our market share on the audited market is a solid 65%, with the closest competitor having less than half of it.

Meet Ebiquity     

Client Testimonials

With my full responsibility I recommend STARS as the honest and professional business partner in consulting and auditing. Our cooperation has started at the beginning of 2014 and continues until today. All projects have been delivered according to our expectations.

Head of Marketing Department Lidl - 2016 -

We have been working with STARS since mid-2014. During that time STARS has proven to be a sound, reliable and always on-time company. Its employees are competent, committed and represent a high level of market knowledge and client needs. We were more than satisfied with the standard of all projects' deliveries (...). Therefore we strongly recommend STARS as a reliable partner in consulting and auditing.

Marketing Director - 2016 -

STARS team members are professional and accountable media market experts, extremely engaged and with individual approach to clients. We are very satisfied with every stage of our cooperation (during pitch process) starting from planning, then all agency meetings, up to pitch negotiations with finalists. Our selected agencies fully meet our expectations. I highly recommend cooperation with STARS.

Brand Manager PANDORA Jewelry CEE - 2015 -

We have been working with STARS for the past 2 years. Thanks to the co-operation we have a full understanding of dynamically changing media and market trends. You demand efficacy, integrity and effectiveness from the media auditor. I can assure you that STARS meets those requirements.

Brand Communications Department Director, Crédit Agricole - 2014 -

STARS was very supportive in the process of online media agency selection. Thanks to this support the project was efficient and quick, and the winning agency turned out to be the excellent choice. STARS demonstrated an expert knowledge in comparing pricing offers and in agency pitch recommendation list.

PR&Marketing Manager Eastern Europe, Ubisoft - 2013 -

We have contracted STARS to run full media audits in 2010 and 2011. Not only we have drawn valuable conclusions from results, but together we have positively motivated our media agency to deliver better work that lasts until today.

Head of CHC Boehringer Ingelheim - 2013 -

STARS holds a paid and valid Professional Indemnity Insurance at Colonnade.