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and compliance audit

Complete verification of agency’s
booking records, financial documentation
and bank transfers

Together with experienced International partners, we are able to offer a truly unique service: financial compliance audit of your agency.

We co-operate with just few certified financial auditors that are able to run media, creative, PR, production, and event agencies financial audits. Our partners are independent, global auditors.They hire often talent of former financial directors or top accountants from the agencies’ world who have unparalleled knowledge of the topic that they audit today. As certified financial auditors they have an access to documents, contracts and money settlements that no media auditor can have access to, even STARS. That is why if we are contracted to run financial audit of any agency, we subcontract this assignment to them.

Key services within financial auditing:

  • Full identification and verification of rebates, discounts and AVBs.
  • Verification of contractual and financial compliance of all agency’s sales documentation, charged fees, cost incurred during client projects, including multi-agency/parties settlements (i.e., creative agency and production house or media agency and internal digital agency).
  • A true look into agency financials to confirm full transparency and correct calculations.
  • All above based on a global monitoring system of all compliance violations’ examples  that is constantly being updated.

Complete product: media & financial audit