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Independent ads monitoring

We verify actual insertions in TV, Radio and Online

Communication effectiveness in media is not just an ongoing process of KPI optimisation and cost negotiations, where we can count on a couple or a dozen percentage points improvements. It is extremely important to make sure the purchased spots or placements are aired at all in a first place and on the right time and exact form as ordered and paid. Advertisers usually have no possibility to verify the correctness of their airings on their own.

It isn’t difficult, although very complicated


STARS offers comprehensive TV airings verification and now on also for the very first time in Poland viewability in Only and airings verifications in Radio.


STARS has relied for years on AGB Nielsen Media Research monitoring, that is a market standard. We use an extended network license that speeds up our work. We are able to verify spots’ timing and any media parameters (GRPs, reach at different frequency levels, affinity, etc.).

We are unique in our analytics because as the only auditor on the market we use a complete set of verification and reporting tools, incl. Arianna (Nielsen), AdvantEdge (TechEdge) and K2 (TechEdge). Since every media agency uses different tools, having now access to every possible technology, we are able to verify the campaign data of ANY media agency using the same tool they use. It is particularly important in case of reach & frequency data.



Radiolocator, is a proprietary monitoring system of radio spots airing in a number of radio stations in Poland. We are able to verify whether radio stations aired spots according to mediaplans within ordered timings and quantities. Our report may be used as a claim proof for non-aired or mis-aired reimbursements from radio stations. Our system can monitor radio campaigns on-the-fly.

STARS Radiolocator – our radio live monitoring system


Netscore, is a local research company  that delivers precise information on whether the online ad was visible on the user’s screen at all. It is running on the state-of-the art technology. It is able to distill real views from adblocks and non-human trafic and to detects a number of ad frauds. Thanks to this clients get the knowledge of how much in reality they pay for impressions. On top, STARS works with AdReal Gemius technology and is also a partner for  AGB Nielsen Media Research in active promotion and development of Digital Ad Ratings.