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Media management services

As of now every advertiser can have its own
media specialist!

Not every advertiser is in the possession of resources to have its own media manager. Very often it is additional responsibility of a manager from communication or procurement departments. It is natural then, that such professionals are unable to spend enough time and have enough attention to detail to the work and deliverables of their media agency. Another thing is that advertisers usually do not have an independent access to media research to justify or verify agency recommendations. A close watch on the media agency is in fact a close watch on millions of zlotys.


It is then us who come with help


We are in a position to offer a helping hand on a continuous basis or during just milestones of a fiscal year such as preparation of annual media strategy, KPI setting, assessent and settlement of executed campaigns, calculation of agency annual performance related fees, etc.

Assessment of media strategy and media plans

We make sure that media agency recommendations follow the media brief, brand/product objectives, are in line with Target Audience profile, etc. We verify media recommendations for campaigns and media vehicle choices.

Verification of data and costs

We independently check media data (viewership, listenership, reach goals, etc.) and evaluate media costs, rebates, and discounts. We make sure that mediaplans up for sign-off are based on agreed annual pitch or savings target cost guarantees.

Verification and assessment of post-buys

Because we are a legal media data subscriber, we independently verify media agency post buy reports. We draw our own conclusions as a supplement or confirmation to media agency observations. We put a value on media gains and losses.

Media agency financial settlements

We analyze and track media cost guarantees to check if agency is delivering promises. We help to settle fees, bonuses and maluses as per contractual agreements. We suggest contract amendments to better motivate media agency to do a better job.